This week on the podcast Colin and Nikki talk about dark comedies through the lens of Death to Smoochy and In the Loop. They also list their top five dark comedies, talk about Disney Plus, and recommend a new streaming miniseries on Netflix. You don't want to miss this episode!

Join us next week when we start our 3 part character series with our "Building an Antagonist" episode. We'll be watching Training Day and Ordinary People.


Read the Disney Plus article here.

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Welcome to part two of our friendship theory, where we talk about female friendships in film! This episode we talk about shared struggle, unity over discrimination, sisterhood, and calling each other out on our BS. The episode is a continuation of the male friendship episode, so definitely listen to that one first if you haven't.

Join us next week when we move on to dark comedies and satire with Death to Smoochy and In the Loop.


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In part one of this week's podcast, we cover the topic of male friendships on film. We warm up the discussion with a Top 3 list and then segway into the reviews for Scarecrow (1973) and the classic Stand By Me. Colin discusses his experience of being a man with other male friends and Nikki shares her observations as a woman peeking into some of these friendships. To round up the discussion we play a clip from "Colin's Favorite Overacting Moments in Film History" and make it an official segment of the show. Afterward, we discuss a bit of film industry news including Scorsese's new movie The Irishman! Then we introduce another quick segment: the streaming movie of the week. Lastly, we wrap up asking for all of our listeners to send in your favorite film of the 2010s so we can read them on air in the last episode of 2019.

Join us in part two for our discussion of Female Friendships in which we talk about Frances Ha and 9 to 5.


Read Nikki's reaction to The Irishman here.

Watch the Today Show clip about long movies here.

Read a more informed article about the Penn Hills theatre issue here.

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I have returned from vacation and Colin and I are back with a fun episode to go along with the return of Rick and Morty! This week we talk about cartoon satire, why it is funny, the kinds of references they make, and three movies taken straight from Rick and Morty references. We discuss the movies on both their own terms and the way that they're referenced, and also we start a new segment called "Colin's favorite overacting moments in film history." Go ahead and give us a listen and (hopefully) a like. :)

This week is a little late, and a little different! Since I am in California right now Colin and I recorded a minisode before I left discussing a couple of new releases that we both enjoyed watching. This week's discussion is about Zombieland 2: Double Tap and The Lighthouse. These are two great October new releases that we both enjoyed and wanted to spend about ten minutes each raving about. There are no spoilers ahead so if you're wondering if you should bother seeing them it's a safe listen!

It's our fourth episode, just in time for Halloween! This week we discuss the use of religion in horror films, the why, how, and when of usage. We do this through an American film looking at the history of puritanical beliefs of the Salem Trials era (The Witch), a Catholic Italian criticizing the Church (Don't Torture a Duckling), and a Thai Buddhist commentary on retribution (Phobia 2). We also discuss a Vice article (link below) and why we disagree. Just so you know, SPOILERS ABOUND, and if you care certainly watch these films first.


The Vice article:

Welcome to week three of After Suppertime! We lighten up the discussion this week by traveling back in time to the 1980s and revisiting The Breakfast Club and Die Hard. We get into an argument about Robocop a couple times too, but it's fine, we withheld our full debate for another podcast. We also talk about the 1980s in general and what defined that decade and made it so significant in American filmmaking.

Thanks so much for listening, don't forget to check out our website where you can find all our social media links as well as my Letterboxd account. Thanks so much for listening, hope you enjoy!

Welcome back to our second episode everyone! This week we cover the North Vietnamese film The Little Girl of Hanoi and the American film The Deer Hunter and the perspective that both films shed on the same war. We talk a little bit about how The Little Girl of Hanoi is a piece of literal propaganda and how that effects perspective, how The Deer Hunter wasn't written all that well and why that matters, and then look into how those two things make a difference in the world view that portrayed.

As before if you like the episode give us a like, you can subscribe to us here or on iTunes, and you can always visit my Letterboxd account and follow if you want. We also have a website where we post blogs and our episodes directly. If you were interested in The Little Girl of Hanoi or any other foreign films and their perspective I created a Letterboxd list dedicated to Non-English speaking movies all alphabetical by country. You can keep up with our tentative schedule by checking this list as well. Thanks for listening and stay tuned for next week!

Welcome to the After Suppertime Podcast! This is our first episode in which Colin and I talk about Spike Lee's Do the Right Thing and the Coen Brother's No Country For Old Men. We discuss each movie, how to build tension in films, and how each movie builds tension; then we connect them together at the end! It's a little rough around the edges but I hope you enjoy the first episode!

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